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Andrew Viner
Andrew Viner

Andrew Viner, was born in Epsom, Surrey, in April 1987. At the age of two, his family moved to Winchelsea Beach. He now lives and works in Rye, East Sussex UK. 

Although predominantly self taught, he did study art whilst living and working in Brighton. And alongside his own personal study of artists he admires, he has used this knowledge to simplify his own style. Trying to create a narrative, through simple, more naive imagery.
Andrew has been drawing and painting since childhood, and he emerged as a professional, full time artist in 2015 

Being ever inspired by the coast line where he lives, as well as the more “primitive” artists such as Alfred Wallis, and indeed the artists inspired by him (Ben Nicholson, Christopher Wood to name a couple) Andrew strives to create a simple image, without it being simple minded. And although at times his work borders abstraction, he strives to remain figurative. Within his work he tries to appeal to that inner being, trying to strike more at the viewer’s emotions, as well as attempting to connect on an aesthetic level. 

“I create works in a loose, spontaneous manner to begin with. Then build them up layer upon layer. Although my paintings are never from a drawing directly, I do rely on the numerous sketches and drawings that i do on a daily basis. I start with a number of thumbnail drawings on a particular theme or idea, before committing that idea to canvas. Something i do with as much energy as i can muster. I have always loved the visceral quality of paint. How it records the energy of movement so beautifully.” 

Exhibited Work