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Eve Shepherd
Eve Shepherd

Artist Statement 

Eve Shepherd MRBS 

I have always been intrigued with the physical human and animal form in relation to our mental psyche, emotional state and spiritual equilibrium. 

I endeavour to depict the feelings and truths that are hidden, undiscovered or ignored by uncovering the misty depths of the mind. I find my work drawn to the exploration of social taboos and conformities seemingly ever present within modern societies. I attempt to question attitudes towards subjects sometimes challenging to individuals at an emotional level. 

Because some of the works are for some, difficult to acknowledge either emotionally or visually, they take on both an ugly and a beautiful quality. 

This work also draws inspiration from nature, and punctures the perceived boundaries between human and animal. The pieces appear one with their surroundings, as though they are drawing up, or growing out of the ground. 

For me, it is imperative that in order to create an artwork which breathes life and is powerful, the maker, the craft and the concept are inseparable. 

My works draw inspiration from the freedom of the traditional terracotta sculptors maquette of the Renaissance period. 

These therianthropic sculptures attempt to pull together a oneness of both the material and the subject matter. The clay or earth I use initially symbolises a substance that we all indirectly live off in life, and go back to in death. The works hybrid nature nods to our biological unity as animals, and the visceral flesh, bone and blood that we share as creatures living on this Earth. 

Exhibited Work