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Julie Nelson
Julie Nelson

The natural world, science, curiosity and collecting are the themes explored in Julie Nelson’s sculptural ceramics.


Hand built in stoneware and porcelain clay, her minimal, symbolic forms are often displayed in inter-related groups. Her subjects include small compositions and large installations, emphasising the random variation and diversity that connects nature. Layers of slip, matt and metallic glaze accentuate the elemental, revealing the maker’s hand and the beauty of imperfection.


Julie is currently involved in Flock project teaching the process of clay bird making to people who have overcome adversity, and are recovering from trauma. The birds represent this shared community, and also the challenging individual migration journeys their makers have experienced.


Her work is a refreshing look at some of our most ancient symbols. “The hand is our prized tool and is used for communication and birds represent transcendence. Symbols allow us to communicate without the barrier of language”.


Julie studied ceramics at Middlesex Polytechnic, tutored by Emmanuel Cooper and Mo Jupp who encouraged an experimental approach to clay. 


She lives, works, and is inspired by the coast, in Brighton.

Exhibited Work