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The Austin Friar's Monasstery is situated in the middle of the Citadel of Rye, 5 mins from the station, on a cobbled hill leading onto the High St; just around the corner from the George Hotel.

Despite being conveniently located in the hub of a small thriving town, it has a country house feel to it and it is very private; open only by appointment or invitation.

The Monastery consists of a two floor 14th chapel, which was converted for various utilitarian uses in 1907. Hence it is an unusual combination of 14th century monastic and brutal industrial architecture; with four orignal 14th century stone tracery windows on the 1st floor and a height of 8.7 meters from the floor to the apex of the roof. The industrial ground floor is also a lofty space with chunky rivetted iron beams spanning the ceiling and factory style doors leading to the main large garden with its huge ancient tree providing privacy. In addition to these two main spaces, there are several interesting ancillary spaces and showrooms; including a study and entrance hall with suspended cast iron Christ high above, leading into a low beamed showroom with original black parquet flooring and a lounge style showroom above. 

A Georgian cottage is attached to the monastery on the West side which is my home but it too is available to view during visits and an annex added in 1927 on the East side of the building leads onto a walled courtyard garden.
All of these spaces form showrooms and are available to hire for events and film/photographic shoots. 

I live and work here with my family of three dogs; Toby, the Jack Russell, Quin, the Great Dane and MImi, the French bull dog who are all very cooperative and photogenic!

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